Fishing Report 1/9/19

Mixed fishing this week with strong blustery winds but sink took  lines and sedge patterns still catching fish in most areas.

Some catches: Perth CSSC 20 fish for 50lbs.6ozs. 3 ret. Alan Stirton kept 4 for 11lbs.8ozs. Messrs Hay and Burns 8 for 22 lbs. on two visits. Willie Johnston ret. 19 for 3 trips. Phil Stafford 1 for 2 lbs.8 ozs. ret 7. Mark and Martin ret. 5. G. Keith 2 for 5 lbs.4 ozs. Jim, Peter and Bill ret. 4. GILMERTON Fly had 21 Trout for 4 boats fishing in a game all day.

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Fishing Report 25/8/19

The last ten days saw a total of 448 trout caught mostly on dry fly and buzzers. Notable catches include St. Andrews Boys had 26 fish for two outings. Colin Adams and John Maxwell ret. 40 on Saturday. Scottish Deaf Anglers had 56 fish for the day. Scott Pozzi ret. 17. Bill Patrick and Henry Russel ret. 30 for two trips.

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Fishing Report 11/8/19

Excellent fishing this week with dry flies and lures all doing well.

Some catches : Scott Pozzi made over 30 returns for his weeks fishing . Alan  Stirton kept 4 for 10lbs6ozs. J. Reid kept 4 for 14lbs2ozs. The Taxi boys 4 for 9lbs.6ozs. Mr. Thomson 3 for 11lbs.4ozs. Mr. Cowan ret. 10. Phil Stafford ret. 8. Andy and Fraser ret 10. Scottish Deaf Fly Club had 20 fish for their day.

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Fishing Report 4/8/19

Fishing improving all week, with dry flies, buzzers and orange lures catching. Some catches: Mr. Davies 4 for 8lbs6ozs. Alan Stirton 4 for 9lbs and 6 ret. Pitcarmick 8 for 18lbs2ozs. Bill Campbell 4 for 12lbs4ozs. Mark Rogers ret.7. Cowdenbeath 16 for 36lbs4ozs. Dunfermline Artisans 16 for 35lbs6ozs

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Fishing Report 28/7/19

Buzzer s have been well this last week with156 trout caught . Best fish this week 5lbs.

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Fishing Report 21/7/19

“Fishing has been quite difficult with the thundery  weather recently, but some good spells can be had of a day.

Some catches:

John Watt had 16 fish and ret. 4. Mr. Dawson 3 for 7lbs.6ozs. Phil Stafford ret 11. Bill  Cook kept 1 for 4lbs.9ozs. BURLEIGH 5 for 12lbs. 6ozs. 1 ret. Mr. McEwen 4 for 8lbs.10ozs. Colin Adams ret. 11. Last. Cast had 16 fish for the day with a reported trout of over 10lbs.

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Fishing Report 5/7/19

The weekend saw 139 Trout caught including one of 7lbs.8ozs. caught by Scott Pozzi. The east shore was most productive with diawl bach , crunchers and cdcs  with midge and sink tips.



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