Fishing Report 5/5/19

Buzzer on the washing line still doing best with continual good rises of fish being seen all day even in the cold wind.

Saturday saw 21 anglers catch a total of 94 trout averaging 2 lbs.9ozs.

Some other catches:Barry Dean ret.24. Richard and Lawrie 6 for12lbs.8ozs. ret.7. Mr Piper ret.12. Mark and Martin kept 2 for 5lbs11ozs. ret.4. Pen Ex.A.C. 16 for 35lbs8ozs.

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Fishing Report 28/04/2019

Very good rises of trout this last week but difficult to tempt, buzzers being best.

Some catches: Colin and John ret. 32. Jim and Keith 4 for 10lbs. 12 ret.

Pitcarmick  A.C. 24 for 57lbs.4ozs. 8ret. Fish up to 7lbs. among the catches

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Fishing Report 21/04/19

Fishing has been erratic this week with cold North winds early on in the week forcing the fish down, but from Tuesday onward weather conditions brought the fishing on big style. Perth Ex  Service in the very worst of the weather on Sunday had 4 fish for 4 boats but on Friday one of their members Neil Hay had 17 for the day. The St.Andrews boys kept 6 trout. Mr Glen ret. 14. Tony Fitzpatrick ret. 8. ROSYTH C.S.S.A. had a good day on Saturday with 43 fish for 97lbs.7ozs. and a further 67ret.

most fish caught on small lures, mini. ace of spades and buzzers.

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Fishing Report 14/04/2019

Intermediate lines with hothead, tadpoles lures and orange blob best this last week with good catches despite very cold winds.

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Fishing Report 7/4/19

Fishing excellent this week with trout being caught in most areas on various lures, buzzer s and dry fly.

Colin Adams and John Maxwell caught and released 42 on Sat.

Willie Johnston ret.10.  Mr. Cockburn kept 2 and ret.6.

Mark and Martin ret.30.  Billy and Stewart kept 2 for 7lbs.4ozs.

Tony Fitzpatrick ret. 12.

The BIRKHILL boys broke with tradition and caught 26 trout.

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Fishing Report 01/04/2019

Fishing very good at the moment with an average weight of over 2lbs.8ozs.. Very good afternoon rises in the quieter days, buzzer s and a variety of lures doing best. The deer fence hole, bullet bay dam wall and middle o’clock all producing fish.

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Fishing Report 24/03/2019

Sixteen rods ventured out on opening Saturday and caught 56 trout, mostly on intermediate lines with combinations of white cat, orange blob and buzzers. The East shore and Sam wall doing best.

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