Fishing Report 9/9/19

Fishing well and still top of the water. Gilmerton weighed in 13 for 27lbs8is and ret 8. BURLEIGH 13 for 28lbs. and 4 ret. Alan Stirton had 4 for 10lbs2 ozs. and ret. several. Alan Patterson 2 for 6 !bs. Robin Eadie ret. 7. St. Andrews Legends 5 for 14lbs. and 5 ret.Mr Rennie 8 for 18lbs11ozs. Mark and Martin ret.5. Discovery 3 rods 12  for 26 lbs. Scott Pozzi ret. 17. Richard Jackson kept 2 ret.7.Jim and Keith ret.8. Colin Adams and Dave Moore ret. 18.

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