Fishing Report 26/08/2018

Fishing head been mostly very good recently with lines from fast sink to floater all catching. Best flies : Kate McLaren, daddy, and black hopper, best lures : green pea and white kat.

some catches   SEAFIELD 2 boats  8for 18lbs.6ozs. Discovery 22 for 54lbs.8ozs. Dundee East End 6for 11lbs2ozs. Scott Pozzi ret. 17. Colin and John ret. 16.. Mr. Wills kept 2 for4lbs9ozs. ret 5.Mr. Thornton 3 for 8lbs9ozs.  Jim, Bill and Peter 6 for 15lbs6ozs. A. Hogben had 9 for his visit . Cupar A.C. 2 boats 10 for 28lbs2ozs. ret.2. FALKIRK Fly DRESSERS 20 for 46lbs15ozs. S.S.E.B. 28 for 68lbs.14ozs. ret.6.

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