Fishing Report 23/4/2018

Still very cold and unsettled, slow sink and intermediate lines and lures doing best.
Some returns : Alastair Hogbin 6 for 14lbs.2ozs. Jim Williamson 5 for 11lbs.2ozs.
E. McAllister 7 ret. P. O,Brien 9 ret. C. Smith 6 for 13lbs.10ozs. A.Burns 6 for 14lbs.8ozs.
R. Jackson 1 for 4lbs.4ozs. ret.4. Neptune A.C. 9 rods 20 for 46lbs.8ozs.
S. Narborough 4 for 8lbs.12ozs. L. Rumgay 3 for 8lbs.2 ret. Mark and Martin 4 for 10lbs.
Stuart Lowe ret.7.

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