Fishing Report 28/3/16

Poor conditions all week but the fishing remained good with sink tips and slow intermediate lines working well with buzzers and black and green lures best.
Some catches: Bryan Forrest 3 for 7lbs.4ozs. Graham Leitch 4 for 10lbs. and 3 ret. Tam McLaren 4 for 10lbs.2ozs. and 3ret. Tony Fitzpatrick ret.14. Dave Crosbie ret.10. Colin Smith and Gordon McDougal 8 for 22lbs. ret.11. Deitlif Lorenz 4 for 10lbs.13ozs. ret 9. Mr. Dunbar 4 for 11lbs.7ozs. ret. 10.Mr. Waterston 4 for 9lbs.7ozs. ret.6. Ernie Taylor and Bruce Dysart 8 for 19lbs. 10ozs. And on Sunday in cold wet windy weather The Farmers Anglers all had their limit with 32 fish for 69lbs.

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