Fishing Report 07/09/15

Hothead damsels on intermediate line doing well. Afternoons seeing hatches of sedges bringing on a good rise of trout.
Some catches: Ferry Fly Dressers 14 for 32lbs6ozs. Rainbow A.C. 28 for 66lbs. ret15.
Mr. Borthwick 4 for 10lbs2ozs. 10 ret. D. Simms 2 for 5lbs2ozs. Mr. Martin 4 for 8lbs9ozs. 5 ret. G. Leitch 2 for 4lbs10ozs. D. Black 2 for 5lbs11ozs.
H. Stuart 3 for 7lbs4ozs. D. Crosbie ret.9 P. Stafford ret.6 Bill Cook 2 for 4lbs14ozs. Colin Adams ret.7. Kinross Ex. Service 10 for 25lbs7ozs. ret. 10
Burleigh 9 for 21lbs5ozs. ret 5 Pitcarmick 2 for 4lbs9ozs.

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