Fishing Report 4/5/15

Glensherup Report
With the weather changing daily tequila blobs, crunchers and daiwl bachs fished on sink tip or intermediate lines are catching well just now. Best areas being the east shore and from the deer fence up to the burnmouth.
Some catches: Perth Ex. Service A.C. 13 for 29lbs. Doug. Stewart kept a 6lbs.4ozs. Brownie
Tony Fitzpatrick 1 for 3lbs.12ozs. Mr. Murray 2 for 5lbs.4ozs. Mr. Brown & Jane Wright 5 for 10lbs.8ozs. G. Thurstone 4 for 9lbs.10osz. ret. 12. Cove & Kilcreggan A.C. 13 for 30lbs. 2ozs. With 9 ret. D Martin 3 for 7lbs.8ozs. Dave Crosbie 1 for 4lbs.8ozs 20 ret. Jim Clark 1 for 4lbs. 6ozs. Peter Malcolm 1 for 3lbs.6ozs. Mr. Comrie 4 for 10lbs.8ozs. Portobello A.C. 20 for 50lbs. 4ozs.

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