Fishing Report 6/4/2015

It has gone from cold windy weather to being hot and sunny in the past week,
Buzzers and lures are starting to catch plenty trout.
Some of the catches include : Farmers A.C. 22 fish for 50lbs. Birkhill A.C. 14 fish for 32lbs.
Ivie Collinson 4 for 9lbs.8ozs. with 14 ret. Peter Malcolm 4 for 10lbs. with 6 ret.
The Oban Boys 6 for 14lbs. Tony Fitzpatrick 2 for 4lbs.12ozs. with 5 ret. & Scott Pozzi 14 ret.
Some good over wintered fish including 2 @ 6lbs. and one 7lbs. caught over the weekend

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