Fishing Report 22/3/15

Fishing up until the eclipse was excellent then it went quiet for the rest of the week.
Earlier in the week washing line buzzers were doing well along with hothead damsels and yellow dancers.
Some catches:
Colin Adams – 2 for 4lbs.9ozs with 12 ret. John Maxwell ret. 14
Scott Pozzi – 1 for 7lbs. with 21 ret. Bill Cook – 7 ret. Tam Allan 2 for 5lbs.6ozs.
Andy Borthwick – 8 for 20lbs. Tony Fitzpatrick 1 for 3lbs.10ozs. P Duncan 2 for 4lbs.10ozs.
Dave Crosbie ret. 15 Lori Paesano 3 for 9lbs. 4ozs. Perth Ex-Service A.C. 8 for 21lbs.12ozs.

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