Fishing Report 24/8/14

At last the fish have switched back on to feeding after weeks of high water temperatures
Floating and sink tip lines are doing best armed with daddies, claret hoppers and soldier palmers.
The burn end and east shore being prolific, Friday saw 9 rods with 105 fish. Other catches include:
Doug Stewart 5 for 12lbs8ozs and 9 ret. Dave Crosbie ret.32
A Galloway 4 for 8lbs13ozs and 6 ret. Phil Stafford 2 for 5lbs4ozs and 12 ret.
Bill Campbell 5 for 9lbs10ozs and 5 ret. Jim Clark 5 for 9lbs14ozs and 6 ret.
Tony Fitzpatrick 2 for 4lbs8ozs and 7 ret. Andy M. and George from Aussie 4 for 9lbs and 12 ret.
Tam Pate 4 for 8lbs4ozs. A Burns 3 for 7lbs4ozs. Ian Moffat 2 for 4lbs13ozs.
And Falkirk Fly Dressers 40 for 82lbs 12ozs.
During Ryder Cup Week Glendevon Road will be open for access to fishing from both ends

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