Fishing Report 16/06/14

The excellent water clarity at Glensherup fishery is encouraging fish to the surface to take a fly. The bright windy weather has not put the fish off the feed.Floating and slow sinking lines are best with flies such as Daddylong legs, orange FAB blob, buzzers, damsels, snatchers and cdc’s. Recent catches include Paul Tatner 2 fish for 5lb, Mr Sinclair 2 fish for 6 1/2lb and returned 8 fish, Mr Mitchell 6 fish for 17 1/2lb returning 9 fish, Mr McLelland 2 fish for 6lb returning 5 fish, Mr Smith 3 fish for 8 1/2lb returning 2 fish, MrMcLeod3 fish for 7lb, Glasgow uni AC 11 fish for 29lb with 2 fish at 4lb, Dave Crosbie returned 5 fish, J Williamson 3 fish for 7lb returning 2 fish, Pete O’Brian returning 6 fish with 2 fish at 5 3/4lb, Phil Stafford returned 3 fish with 1 at 3 1/2lb, Robin Eadie returned 6 fish, G Leitch 2 fish for 4lb 4ozs, The 2 Jims 5 fish for 11 1/2lb, Tony Fitzpatrick returned 3 fish with 1 fish at 5lb 1ozs, Ross Moonlight returned 8fish.

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