Fishing report 10/06/14

The water level has risen 2 feet over Saturday and Sunday. Fish continue to be caught all over the loch in deep and shallow water. It has been unsettled in the wind and rain but anglers are still catching well. Floating and slow sinking lines are the best at the moment. With flies such as yellow dancers,Cat whiskers, buzzers, damsels, boobies and various dry flies.The daddy long legs is still scoring well, moved just under the surface with a steady retrieve. Some catches include Graeme Leich 2 fish for 6lb, Colin Adams 5 fish for 14lb 7ozs and returned 7 fish, Barry AC 12 fish for 27 1/2lb returning 16 fish, Mr Kinloch 2 fish for 6lb, Tam Allan 2 fish for 6lb 4ozs returning 3 fish, Mr McLeod 4 fish for 11lb 8ozs, Dave Crosbie returned 5 fish, Two Jims 6 fish for 15lb with 1 fish at 3lb 10ozs, Phil Stafford 5 fish for 13lb with 1 fish at 3lb

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