Fishing Report 02/06/14

Glensherup fishery continues to fish well in the settled weather. Fish can be found all over the loch. Floating and intermediate lines are catching the most fish. Flies such as Damsels, Fabs, Buzzers, Daddies, Cat Whiskers and Dry flies are all catching well.

Some recent catches include Ian Cargill 3 fish for 9lb 2ozs with 1 at 4lb 12ozs, Phil Stafford 2 fish for 5lb 4ozs and returned 4 fish, Harry Stuart 2 fish for 4lb 14ozs, Mr Urquart returned 16 fish with many of the fish over 4 1/2lb, Ken Loggan 5 fish for 12 3/4lb, Doug 4 fish for 11lb 4ozs, Bill 3 fish for 7lb 14ozs, Scott returned 12 fish, Tony Fitz returned 6 fish, Alan Stirton 4 fish for 10lb 4ozs, Colin and John returned 13 fish, Mr Hockey 2 fish for 5lb, T Allan 4 fish for 10lb 6ozs, Kinross Ex service 14 fish for 36lb, Khats Whiskers 27 fish for 64 1/2lb and Alex Sharp 6 fish for 16lb.

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