Fishing Report 19/05/14

The more settled weather at Glensherup fishery has seen fish feeding hard on and just under the surface. Floating and Intermediate lines are scoring best. Taking flies include Hairs Lug Hopper, Diawlbach, Black Hopper, Green Buzzers, Cormorants, Daddy, PT Nymph and Damsel.

Recent catches include Riverside 7 fish for 16lb 5ozs, Mr Morrison 4 fish for 9 1/2lb returning 6 fish, Mr Young 2 fish for 6lb returning 6 fish, Phil Stafford 2 fish for 4lb 10ozs returning 11 fish, Robin Eadie returned 4 fish, Mr Stirton returned 5 fish, Burleigh AC 8 fish for 19lb 13ozs, Harry Stewart 3 fish for 7lb 11ozs, St Andrews Boys 3 fish for 9lb with 1 fish at 3lb 12ozs, Mr Kelly returned 6 fish with 2 of his fish being over 6lb, Ross Moonlight 1 brown for 4lb, 1 rainbow for 2lb and returned 4 fish, with 2 being over 4lb, Mr Angus 4 fish for 11lb 4ozs returned 2 fish, Mr Little returned 4 fish, Andy Mitchell returned 9 fish, Perth Civil Service 19 fish for 47lb, Jim Malcolm 11 fish for 29lb 2ozs, Doug 4 fish for 12lb returning 2 fish.

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