Fishing Report 5/5/14

At Glensherup fishery fish continue to rise in great numbers all over the loch. With reports from many anglers being broken by a big strong blue trout.Flies that are working well at the moment include Snatchers, Hoppers, Buzzers, Damsels, CDC’s in various colours, Fabs and white cats whiskers.

Catches from last week include Ivie and Jock 7 fish- 23lb 2ozs with 1 fish at 6lb and 1 at 3 1/2lb, Dave Crosbie returned 10 fish, Dave and Ian returned 6 fish, Phil Stafford – 2 fish at 7lb 4ozs and returned 10, Tam Allen – 3 fish 8lb 10ozs and returned 1 fish, S Bonner – 1 fish 3lb 5ozs, A Mitchell returned 25 fish, Ferry fly dressers – 13 fish at 39lb 2ozs, Cupar AC – 24 fish at 57lb 10ozs and returned 14 fish, Caladonian St Andrews – 7 fish 16lb 8ozs, Mr Johnstone returned 5 fish and P Thomson – 4 fish 13lb 14ozs.

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