Fishing Report 20th. April

Hothead damsels, daddies, buzzers and cat boobies accounted for 260 trout over the last nine days mostly in very difficult windy conditions, the average weight being 2lbs. 8ozs., with intermediate and sink tip lines doing best. There have been occasional large rises at various times of day.

Some returns, Mr. McAllister 6 for 16ibs.12ozs. Tam Allan 2 for 5lbs Andy Connor 4 for 10lbs 3ozs

Mr. Martin 1 for 3lbs. 1oz. Phil Stafford 3 for 8lbs. and 2 ret. Mr. Bonner 5 for 11lbs. 2ozs.

Dave Clark ret. 12. R Jackson 2 for 6lbs.8ozs. Tony Fitzpatrick 2 for 6lbs. ret. 4

Dollar A.C. 12 for 34lbs.11ozs. Mr. Welch 2 for 5lbs.3ozs. Harry Stuart 2 for 5lbs.12ozs.

Perth Ex. Service Club 17 for 40lbs.110zs.

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