Fishing Report 6/4/2014

Glensherup Fishery.

Intermediate and sink tip lines, hot head damsels, yellow dancers, epoxy buzzers , black spiders and crunchers are all working at various times of the day with some excellent top of the water fishing.

Some returns: Mr. Knox 3 for 8lbs.   Tam Allan 1 for 3lbs.8ozs. Robin Eadie ret. 14 on epoxy buzzers. Dave Crosbie ret. 20 up to 5lbs. over two outings. Mr Morrison 4 for 11lbs.8ozs. ret.15                         Andy Mitchell 4 for 12lbs. ret.8. Mr Moffat 6 for 15lbs.2ozs. Mr. Decker 3 for 7lbs.                                   Ivie Callinson & Scott Pozzi 5 for 13lbs. and ret 15. Mr Stuart’s boat ret. 9.                                                     Cowdenbeath A.C. 28 for 63lbs 8ozs. Graeme Dair had 4 including one at 3lbs 14ozs.

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