Fishing Report 31/3/2014

There have been cold conditions all week but with work on the dam finished and water levels high,

Fishing around the margins has been very productive with damsels and cormorants doing best.

Some returns:

Tony Fitzpatrick 2 for 6lbs.12ozs. and 7 ret. Dave Stirling 4 for 10lbs.2ozs. and 3 ret.

Dave Crosbie ret. 24 for the week, Bill Cook 1 for 3lbs.6ozs. and 11 ret.

Ross Moonlight and boat partner 8 for 21lbs8ozs. And 6 ret.Mr. Lackie 8 for 21lbs.13ozs.

Farmers A.C. 27 for 58lbs.5ozs. Scott Pozzi and Ivy Callinson ret. 26 over two days.

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