Fishing Report 13th. October 2014

Fish have been on the surface in large numbers for several days now. A variety of dry flies
And buzzers are doing very well. Some recent catches :
Brian Fernie 5 for 11lb. 5oz. Messrs Moffat and Ritchie kept 6 for 13lb. 6 oz.
Mr. Findlay 6 for 13 lb. 14 oz. Alan Stirton 5 for 12 lb. 6oz.
A. Mitchell 5 for 13 lb. 5 oz. Mr. Robb 6 for 14 lb.
Fraser Hunter 5 for 11 lb. 2oz. Les Allan 4 for 10 lb. 2 oz.
J. Davie 5 for 12 lb. 7 oz. Crown Fly A.C. 39 for 90 lb with 39 ret.
Several rainbows between 3 lb. 8oz and 5 lb. 8 oz. among the catches , and a tiger trout
At 7 lb. also caught. As usual after the end of the brown trout season several good
Brownies between 2lb. and 2 lb. 8 oz. have been caught and returned, a further 148 rainbows
also returned.

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