Fishing Report 26/03/12

The hot bright weather at Glensherup fishery had not deterred the anglers or fish. Excellent catches were recorded last week, with fish 3lb to 4lb very common in catches. The average weight at the moment is 2 3/4lb. Last Saturday the dull weather brought the fish to the surface. A great hatch of small black flies had the fish moving all over the loch. Dry fly proved very popular and very frustrating at times for the anglers. Black hoppers,hairsear emergers and daddylong legs scored well. Buzzers are still proving popular but lures such as hot headed damsels, poplar bears, rainbow warriors and humungus take some beating. Some recent catches include Mr Beedie 3-9lb 2ozs, Mr Devlin 3- 9lb returning 5, G Duncan 2- 4lb 9ozs, Bill Cook1 at 2lb 12ozs returning 5, T Allen 2-6lb, Mr Ritchie 3- 8lb returning 4, I Cargil 2- 4lb 4ozs, Mr Adamson 3- 8lb, Mr Birill 3- 6lb 2ozs, Mr Jameson 5- 10lb 14ozs and A Barsdone 5-11lb 12ozs.

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