Difficult wet and windy conditions ,but the boats that went out had good sport on dry fly,damsels and white cat.Colin Adams and crew with 3 boats had 20 fish for 42lb and returned 30,Scott Pozzi had 4 fish for 9lb and returned 14,Ivie Callinson had 8 for 21lb 8oz and 8 returned, Peter Malcolm(3rods) 14 fish for 32lb and 16 returned,E.Baslow 6 for 11lb 12oz,T.Ganley 4 for 7lb 8oz,A.Burns 3 for 7lb, Roslin British Legion 17 for 37lb,A.B.C.D 25 for 51lb,J.Wood 7 for 16lb 8oz,Aberdour Angling Association had 46 for 93lb and returned 12 and still had time for an extended barbecue lunch

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