Fishing Report 21/8/2016

292 trout have been caught this week averaging 2lbs.3ozs.

Fish being caught all over the loch on buzzers, candy booby and daddies.

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Fishing report 14/8/2016

Top of the water fishing back to it’s best this last week with yellow owl and foam daddy being best. All areas producing good sport.

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Fishing Report 31/7/2016

Very difficult conditions of late with atmospheric pressures all over the place. Deep fished static buzzers catching most fish with occasional good top of the water fishing , mostly in the evening.

The last ten days seeing 278 fish caught at an average weight of2lbs.4ozs. Best areas being up at the deer fence, east dam corner and middle buoy to dam tower.

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Fishing Report 10/7/2016

Average rod catch recently 4.7 trout, average weight 2lbs.6ozs.

On a wide variety of flies including white cat buzzers and sedge patterns mostly on floating and midge tip lines and fishing through the middle of the loch.

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Fishing report 26/6/2016

Very changeable conditions over the past week combined with a sudden rise in water level made for difficult fishing, with yellow dancers and buzzers doing best.

Some catches…Graham Leitch 4 for 8lbs.9ozs. Pete O’Brien ret.6.

Chris Hogan 4 for 8lbs.8ozs. Bobby McMillan 2 for6lbs.

Harbour Lights A.C. Ayr 27 for 65lbs.8ozs. C.S.S.A. Rosyth 28 for64lbs.10ozs. Scott Donaldson 2 for 4lbs.6ozs. ret.3.

Mr. Stanley (2man boat)  8 for 17lbs.2ozs. Phil Stafford 2 for 4lbs.6ozs. 8ret.

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Fishing Report 13/06/2016

Cooler conditions put the fish deeper of late, deep fished buzzers doing well with occasional dry fly working.
Lochinch A.C. with 8 rods did very well with 20 trout for 54lbs. and a further 36 ret. Harry Stuart kept 3 for 7lbs.
Colin Adams ret.29. Bill Dawson 4 for 8lbs.4ozs. 2 ret. Barry’s A.C. 13 for 36lbs.11ozs. Brax A.C. 15 for 36lbs.7ozs.
Bobby McMillan 4 for 9lbs.8ozs. 2ret. Alex.Burns 6 for 14lbs.14ozs. Peter, Bill and Jim [St Andrews]7 for 15lbs.4ozs.10 ret.
Jim Williamson 5 for 10lbs.4ozs. Portobello B.L. 12 for 33lbs4ozs. Neptune A.C. 8 for 20lbs.2ozs. Rannoch A.C. 13 for 27lbs.8ozs,
Bill Cook 2 for 5lbs.2ozs. Auchterarder A.C. 9 for 19lbs.14ozs. Falkirk Fly Dressers 26 for 54lbs.

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Fishing Report 30/05/2016

Daddies, Loch Ordie’s and Khat’s Whiskers have been doing best along the east shoreline.
Recent catches include:
Brax A.C. 15 for 36lbs.7ozs. Tony Fitzpatrick ret. 9. Gordon Greig 2 for 4lbs.7ozs. ret.5.
Bill Dawson 2 for 4lbs.10ozs. ret 3. Auchterarder A.C. 10 for 25lbs.11ozs.
Mr. Branland’s boat 10 for 20lbs.2ozs. Brain Forrest 2 for 5lbs.7ozs. ret 15.
Harry Stuart 3 for 7lbs.7ozs. ret 5. Colin McLuckie 4 for 9lbs.8ozs. Peter Jim and Bill 6 for 14lbs 11 ret.
Dave Crosbie ret.5. Mr. McLoan 2 for 4lbs.7ozs. Dunfermline Railway 22 for 61lbs.14ozs.

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